Meet the Owners Sugar Drop Hair Company was founded by Racqueal Duncan and Nisheka Spencer in 2017. Nisheka and Racqueal are longtime friends but, or more like sisters. With Racqueal’s professional expertise and Nisheka’s savvy business mind these two ladies make a great business team.


Our Mission Sugar Drop Hair Company has a mission to offer the best quality hair as well as hair care to all of our customers. Here at Sugar Drop Hair we know the importance of inner beauty first and how that beauty must start from within and will extend outward. Hair doesn’t define the woman but, good quality hair definitely helps. Sugar Drop Hair Co. will always put quality first when come to the products we sell to our customers.

Although Sugar Drop Hair Co. is in its infancy stage we look forward to the future in the beauty industry and hope to gain many loyal customers along the way while helping to enhance outer beauty, we hope to touch ones inner beauty as well.

We are striving to be amongst the best in beauty industry and the possibilities are endless. Thank you for shopping with us.


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